Vessel Receptor (organs)

from by Hiata

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Put aside all those ideals and beliefs, be objective.
Feels like, a mental break down, you’re on the verge, you’re the vessel receptor
He’s so sad, (the) tears in the eyes, mirrors inside all his past.
His limitations last
It seems the kid has to die on his bed…

It’s unfair…well…

Sad, prejudice (and) labels will affect
Don’t give it up so fast.
But it’s like a clot blocking blood to the head.

Enough I swear!
Feels like your, shelter is underneath your own demands.
Enough I swear…
My hope decreases as the waiting swells.
Wouldn’t (It) be better if you listen?!
Wouldn’t (It) be worst if you just ignored?!
We won’t give up, don’t give it up yet…find hope…

You’re giving birth, a new start, a new tunica intima.
You deify, this cause revoked, the chance of helping elopes.
“Self sacrifice” for (the) newborns; a new tunica intima.
The dead body is impure, the chance of helping elopes.
We guess you’ve been missing a lot, a vessel receptor awaits.
Someone dies, donator, or one more corpse in the morgue.

No transplant for no one! (Die!)
No! Makes you wonder who’d listen to you.

I don’t want to feel so concerned
Maybe I just want to be like you
And it feels like a mental breakdown
I’m on the verge and I’m not sure.
Such hate should be lurked to move onwards.

Born to life! Born alight!
I value life; I live it with full intensity, although in health I’m limited
It doesn’t stop me, I’ll fight!
I value life; I live it with full intensity…
It doesn’t stop me, I’ll fight!
Implicated in my everyday life… (Alive) I am.


from Vessel Receptor, released July 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Hiata Oeiras, Portugal

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